Speed up processes and save costs

Imagine you are the owner of a restaurant or a shop. Every day you are faced with long queues of waiting customers, a slow ordering process and an increased risk of manual handling errors. These problems not only slow down your business, but also lead to frustration for your customers. Waiting in long queues and slow service can lead to customers deciding to go elsewhere.


Transparent offer

You can choose from a clearly organised menu without having to hunt around a cluttered menu. A clear menu makes it quick and easy to find exactly what the customer is looking for.


Select - Pay - Collect

The whole process is very simple, fast and intuitive. Direct payment for the service or goods with subsequent printing of the fiscal document is a matter of course.

Introducing KIOSK ordering,
the key to transforming your business.

Don’t wait for the competition to beat you to it. Become a leader in innovation and give your customers what they want: speed, convenience, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to find out how KIOSK Sales can transform your business and increase customer satisfaction.


Differentiate yourself from the competition

  • Modern and dynamic solution

    Enable customers to order services and goods quickly and efficiently, without the need to wait in long queues. Ordering is simple and intuitive, and customers can pay directly at the kiosk using a credit card.

  • Payment by card and eCash

    After payment by credit card, a fiscal receipt is immediately printed, thus completing the whole process without any complications.

  • Inform your customers

    Customers are always informed about the latest offers and specials with the always up-to-date information displayed on the kiosk.

The standard solution

Our KIOSKs are manufactured in Slovakia and since we are a Slovak company, the system is fully localized into Slovak but also Czech, English, and German.
Integration with payment terminals and eKasa is also a matter of course. If you are comfortable with our standard solution, you can start using KIOSK immediately.

Tailor-made solutions

We take great care and attention to our clients’ specific requirements, including the design of unique purchasing processes. We will prepare a solution that exactly fits your business needs. Whether simple or more complex interfaces to ERP, CRM or warehouse systems.
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